W.L.E. earns recognition from the Louisiana Department of
 Education for test scores. Well done, Gators!

This report contains detailed results of the

Louisiana School Accountability System  for your school.

Your school receives a School Performance Score (SPS)

every year which shows how well it it performing.

The state's 2014 goal is for all schools to have an SPS of 120.0.

WLE Current Growth and Performance Information

Growth Label:  Exemplary Academic Growth

Performance Label:  Three Stars

 How Much Has Your School Improved?

   Baseline SPS
2006-07 & 2007-08
Growth Target
 SPS Goal
 New Growth SPS
Actual SPS Growth
 Your School  108.9  2.0  110.9 106.1   -2.8
 State  86.5      91.1  4.6

 How Much Growth is Needed Next Year?

 New Baseline SPS
2007-08 & 2009-10
 New Growth Target 2209-10
 New SPS Goal 2009-10  
   Your School  107.1  2.3  107.1  
   State  89.4      


Report Cards